Star Krak: 10 Critical Factors for an Amazing Crew Part 5

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If this is your first time reading this than you’re probably pretty confused with the plot. If that’s the case than click here to catch up.

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I would like to recap the: 10 Critical factors for an amazing crew.

  1. Respect.
  2. Empower your crew.
  3. Always learn and discover more.
  4. Connection.
  5. Being dependable.
  6. Value each others opinion.
  7. Know your role.
  8. Consistency.
  9. Take calculated risks.
  10. Honor one another.

Create a culture around these principles and watch your band flourish. Whether you’re just a member or the leader of the group, becoming an influence to others by applying these factors will establish an amazing environment.

When I became music director of my church choir many moons ago, fear overcame me. I had no idea on how to run a choir. I knew how to perform but management eluded me. Learning from trial and error was my teacher until I discovered books. Yes, I wasn’t a reader like most people.

I watched a video of a successful entrepreneur named Brian Tracy and he said “The average successful millionaire reads about one to two books per month in their field. While the average person reads about one book per year.”

Thinking and meditating on that I thought to myself, “Wow, I never disliked books, I just read whenever I had a huge interest in a topic. And if I want to be a successful leader, musician, etc., than I have to model after the greats and the best way to model after the greats is to read their books and apply their lessons and philosophies to my life.”

That moment was an epiphany for myself and books became my life. Back then I read a book every other year now I read a book a week. Last year (2014) I read 50 books and because of that decision I made to become a reader I have learned more from reading books in the last few years than my high school and college years combined.

To become a great leader to manage your band I recommend any book by author, John Maxwell. Here are a few:

  1. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

  2. The 17 indisputable Laws of Team Work

  3. The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader

  4. The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player

There you go, check out these books and apply them to your band.

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