Star Krak: 10 Critical Factors for an Amazing Crew Part 2



91 Star Krak 3 91 Star Krak 4Missed part 1? Click here.

I added a little shading in this one. Did you see it? Huh? Did ya?

The juicy stuff is coming in the next part of 10 critical factors for an amazing crew. I usually create about two pages of comics. So next time I will post the comics one page at a time twice per week until I finish this parable.

It takes many moons from start to finish a comic. But I hope you enjoy it and please share it via social media by clicking on the media icons below. Also let me know what you think I can take harsh criticism kinda.=)

All kidding aside let me know what I can change or fix and what works or doesn’t work.

Thanks and peace.

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