Slap Bass 101: Part 2 Hammer Ons and Ghost Notes

Slap Bass Lessons Part 2

Welcome to Slap Bass 101: Part 2.

If you’ve missed part one then click here. Hammer ons and ghosts notes will bring a whole new world to your funk playing. There exercises can be a stretch, literally. Just put in the time and you’ll see progress, instead of watching Jersey Shore. (Oh gawd, Mike and Snooki are so annoying.)

Disclaimer: Many times as egotistical musicians we like to jump ahead and usually we end up getting frustrated and don’t understand the lesson, so we end up quitting. If you’re a beginner and that’s you, then you need to pick up your big boy pants and click on the link below and start from the top…Please. =)

Let us begin. Click on the audios

Ex 1: 1-3 Hammer On Up the Neck

Hammer On Up the Neck

Ex 2: 1-3 Pull Off up the Neck

Pull Off Up the Neck

Ex 3: Thumb-Hammer-Ghost Note

Thumb Hammer Ghost Note

Thumb Hammer Ghost Note 2

Thumb Hammer Ghost Note Fretting Hand   Thumb Hammer Ghost Note Slapping Hand

Ex 4: Thumb-Octave Pluck-Ghost Note

Thumb Octave Pluck Ghost Note

Thumb Octave Ghost Note- Fretting Hand

Thumb Octave Ghost Note- Slap Hand


Once again thanks for taking in the time to learn to slap some bass. I totally appreciate you.

Be on the lookout for the next lesson and don’t be afraid to ask any questions that come up. Also, please share it with your favorite social media site.

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