Slap Bass 101: Part 1 Slap and Pop Exercises

Slap Bass Lessons Part 1


I get to teach slap bass. This is the fun stuff for bass players, it’s all snickers and pringles from here on in.

Disclaimer: Many times as egotistical musicians we like to jump ahead and usually we end up getting frustrated and don’t understand the lesson, so we end up quitting. If you’re a beginner and that’s you, then you need to pick up your big boy pants and click on the link below and start from the top…Please. =)

Shall we begin?? Click on the audios

How to Slap and Pop


Slap Thru StringSlap String BouncePop


Ex 1: Open String Slap and Pop.


Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.45.08 PM
Open String Slap Open String Pop

Ex 2: Finger Funk Stretch using Slap and Pop.


Finget Funk Stretch

Finger Funk Stretch

Ex 3: Chromaticism using Slap and Pop.

Chromaticism 1

Chromaticism 2



Ex 4: Octave Jump using Slap and Pop.



P= Pop


Octave Jump

Octave Jump

Ex 5: 3rd Finger Release using Slap and Pop.

3rd Finger Release

3rd Finger Release

Thanks friend for participating. Remember to take action on each of these exercises. It’s as easy as spending five short minutes on each exercise. That would equate to about one episode of Ninja Turtles.

Do this daily and you’ll soon have strong slap happy hands and you’ll be slapping everything in sight. Just don’t slap your momma. =)

Stay tuned for the next lesson and feel free to ask any question in the comment section below.

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