Private Music Teacher VS. Youtube

privatmusic teacher vs youtube Com: Commentator 

Com 2: Commentator 2

Ref: Referee


Good evening my friends and welcome to tonight’s match which promises to be a true battle in every sense of the word.

In the red corner weighing in at 0 lbs 0 ounces from the digital world or the World Wide Web, teaching millions of students with just a single click…….

The undisputed world champion the digital man known only as…

YouTube Video Music Lessons!!!

And in the orange corner, weighing in at 140 pounds known to teach a group of beginning students even though there are none with his hands tied behind his knees…..

MD, Private Music Teacher!!!

And tonight’s prize? WWW Music teacher’s belt.

Ref: Ok, I want a good clean fight between you two. Nothing below the guitar strap and I want a good clean fight good luck to you both. (bell rings)

Com: Well… YouTube has only been around since 2005 and has dominated for the longest time in quality and crappy YouTube music teaching videos and it seems to be a lot more affordable than actual private music class.

Com 2: And that’s really starting to show in YouTube’s early dominance against MD. Youtube’s really come out fighting and he’s caught MD totally off guard.

Point: MD: 0 YouTube: 1

Com: Now MD has made a comeback and caught YouTube’s mistake and got him right in the dislike button.

Com 2: Oh MD is having a field day here, he’s just giving it to him left, right and centre. If only YouTube could be there in person and help correct a students personal mistakes that would be a tremendous help in the students music development. But… MD seems to have hit an early knockout blow (all action happens in super slow mo in background)

Com: – Youtube hits the canvas! He hits the canvas!! he hits it hard Ref: (still in slo-mo) one .two…three…four….five…. (raises hand and hits the ground). .. six….sev –

Point: MD: 1 YouTube: 0

Com: – What’s this? I don’t believe it! Youtube realises he’s hit the canvas and at the age of 9, he gets up to his knees. It’s like he’s been given a second chance- for nine years he has helped millions of students learn music and now he pays them back with interest. Great scenes!

Com 2: Yes, we’re now at about the halfway stage through this awesome battle and it’s pretty even right now. But when a student has a question about a certain technique YouTube has a terrible response time and who’s know if the answer is relevant. MD on the other hand can interact personally and answer many questions and satisfy the needs of the student right then and there. That would be a plus for MD. And youtubes continuing with his good form but it doesn’t matter and is ruthlessly smashed by MD.

Point: MD: 1 YouTube: 0

Com: Youtube is in a bit of a daze while MD is floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. Which leads to the next question of planning and setting your music goals. YouTube videos can give great insight on how to plan and execute your goals.

Com 2: Very true, but MD throws and unexpected hook and lands right on YouTubes screen. MD can tailor the students education plan specifically to their needs and change it up during the students journey according to their needs.

Point: MD: 1 YouTube: 0

Com: Now, YouTube starts pushing forward strategically landing combos to MD. But can the student always review the lesson on demand?

Com 2: I think not, Youtubes servers are the best out there and MD won’t be able to load up a video of every single one of his students lessons online. It would be a total pain on his end, especially the one YouTube just landed on his face. Ohhhhh!!! That’s smarts!

Point: MD: 0 YouTube: 1

Com: YouTubes coming back with a vengeance and throwing MD off balance. The student won’t get thrown off balance if he asks to learn a song for example. YouTube provides thousands of videos of lessons to basically any song you can think of.

Com 2: If a student asked MD to work on a specific song. MD would have to make sure the tune was at the students skill level. On the other hand YouTube doesn’t care and will provide the tune regardless of the difficulty. I would call this a tie. Point:

Point: MD: 1 YouTube: 1

Com: Now they’re both head to head in this no holds barred match. Both exchanging combos. YouTube seems to provide almost all the material needed all in one site.

Com 2: MD surely doesn’t know every musical style. If a student wants to learn classical he has to search long and hard to find a good teacher as opposed to YouTube where it can be found in a matter of minutes.

Point: MD: 0 YouTube: 1

Com: The heat is now coming from both sides. MD lands a couple of swift blows to YouTubes antenna jarring him a bit. It looks like his feed is getting a little screwy. And…though there are thousands a music teaching videos on YouTube, there are more horrible instructors and bad video productions than ever.

Com 2: True! It is hard to find a good private teacher but just because you can really play on that guitar doesn’t mean you can teach. It’s important to search for that mentor. Another blow from MD!

Point: MD: 1 YouTube: 0

Com: YouTube has helped connect many students through out it’s lifetime but it will never replace building a true relationship with your instructor.

Com 2: If the internet could replace building relationships. Than nobody would travel, have meetings, conferences, parties, or events. When you teach on YouTube you can connect with thousands. What an awesome opportunity…. But it will never replace true physical connection. Physical connection is part of our God given human nature. And now it’s seems YouTube is off balance!

Point: MD: 1 YouTube: 0

Com: But, Youtube recovers and and starts throwing MD off with a few jabs. Will a few jabs be enough to finish off MD. Can YouTube create professional musicians and careers?

Com 2: Well, we all know the most amazing musicians and composers had teachers and mentors that guided them through their journey. Though successful careers were launched though Youtube with certain individuals.

Just look at Justin Beiber. But I never read that YouTube made Beiber and great singer and musician just by watching videos. That’s for sure!! Even Beiber needed a manager and mentor. I heard his mentor was Usher.

Now he finds himself pounding into YouTube. What a move! (Slo-Mo) He has pummelled YouTube and Youtube has hit the canvas! He fought the good fight…


Com: ….I simply can’t believe it.


Com: ….MD has done it! He’s beaten YouTube!

Com 2: Oh…it was a great match.

Com: I’d have to agree, and here’s the result…

Ref: And the winner, by way of knockout … I give you …..the new WWW champion …..MD!! Private Music Teacher!!!

Com: WOW!! If I had not been here myself I would not have believed it! It seemed that YouTube was dominating for awhile but in the end the true victor prevailed. Good night.

Scorecard: MD: 6 YouTube: 4

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Until next time….God is good…

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  • Efren Ramos August 2, 2014, 4:01 pm

    totally agree with you man, and i really like the way you reach people. God bless!!

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