Are you a pigheaded church musician?

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Summer of 2008

At a small church in Lynwood, Ca, I was music director for quite some time. That summer they were reconstructing the church alter. I helped redesign the stage and it came out pretty good, I was happy with it at least.

One night at rehearsal I presented a new tune from hillsongs. My poor memory can’t quite remember the title of the song but it was a good one believe me.

The following friday night service, after the preaching, we had an alter call for prayer and naturally the worship team came up to lead worship. This was a perfect opportunity to present the new tune we were working on.

The song started with a drum fill, I counted the song off.

Then I heard nothin, I thought the drummer screwed up so I counted off again.

Again nothing….

I turned around and the drummer waved his sticks indicating that he didn’t want to play the song.

I look baffled…. Okay…..

I signaled him to start up again but he refused. Everyone in the church was already praying and worshipping and the team was wondering what was going on. It’s not like he couldn’t play it. I mean this drummer was the best in our church district.

After various attempts, forcibly I had to begin another song.

Then I lost a few hairs.
When the church service ended I pulled the drummer to the back and had a little chat with him trying to point out what was the issue.

Turns out he didn’t like the song and thought the music style wasn’t appropriate for worship.

Huh??  Are u kidding me??

I thought I was the music director. Now, I was a totally easy going guy, but right when you are in the middle of worship and the drummer is causing disruption in the flow of the Holy Spirit just because he didn’t like the music style is totally unacceptable.

My thoughts

People hate and fear change, and are conformists that is why there a very few success stories in this world out of 7 billion people on this planet.


Back to the story

The drummer didn’t want to open his mind for anything thing new. It didn’t last very long for him. The issue was deeper than just the music style.

“I don’t know everything but If there’s one thing I do know, you can’t please everyone to be successful.”

Bill Cosby

Believe me I’ve had those times when I wasn’t music directing at my current church Oasis. I would rehearse the songs a certain way at home but when I got rehearsal at church the current music director would ask me to play my part differently.

Then the pigheadedness would kick in.

“But the mp3 was playing it this way!” I would say.

Then I have to remind myself that I’m not leading. I have to learn to be a good servant musician and obey my leader. You can make a decision later if the other guy is not qualified and then you choose to stay or not.

Regardless if your serving then you have to follow the lead of your leaders.

You can give suggestions, but don’t pout or kick and scream if your leaders don’t go along with your ideas.

I have worked with dictator leadership and servant leadership. I prefer servant leadership hands down. Working with a “my way or the highway” type leader won’t be influential to the growth of your ministry.

So, are you a pigheaded musician or a servant musician?

Be honest and let me know in the comments below. Believe me I can still be pigheaded at times but I’m working and praying about it always.

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