One Way Worship Can Go Wrong

When I was a kid learning how to play music I would practice for hours and hours each day.

When the time came around for me to join the worship team at the tender age of 12. All I thought about was trying to impress others and show off my skills.

I also remember when I was around 15 years old I was playing with the gospel choir I had this sick bass line that pretty much carried the whole song. Believe me I when I say this, I was so funky that the holy ghost checking me out. After service no one came up to me and gave me props. Thinking something went wrong with my playing. What was it? It dawned on me that it’s not about me it’s about Jesus.

I also learned it wasn’t about impression it was about expression. Here is one way worship can go wrong.


Look for his grace and purpose for your life and everything will come into place. We all go through those tough times so we need to be strong in our faith. If it’s all about you and your skills and how you’re looking so fly. Then maybe you should start your own religion. Just saying. =)

I appreciate everyone taking to read this post with the hopes it will help you on your journey.

God Bless




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