One church you can avoid!

I know one church you can avoid.

I watched something interesting on YouTube the other day. I always tune to a show called “the comfort zone” with evangelist Ray Comfort. They post their shows daily on YouTube.

Well…the last Show I watched talked about atheism becoming a religion. Sunday Assembly is the new atheist church that started in London, England. Now there are about 30 across the planet.

That goes to show you that atheism really is a religion. It is now documented proof!
Anyways, lets see what our couple of our misfits are up to today as they encounter an atheist evangelist.


It seems that atheist believe they are going nowhere but six feet under when they die, but we all know the truth.

Seek the scriptures and study Christian apologetics. Here is a great site to get you started

Always be equipped to give an answer 1 Peter 3:15

Just like we strive to be prepared musical we have to become equipped and prepare ourselves spiritually. For when the time comes we can defend ourselves when it comes to our faith.

Fusion jazz musicians are for me considered to be the elite musicians of our day. They can handle any musical situation when they are challenged. We need to be fusion jazz musicians of the bible and handle any challenge that confront us mentally or spiritually.

Cliff Knechtle is another gifted apologist of God with tons of wisdom. Here is his site

Get ready and become equipped!!

Well see ya next time and be ready!




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