Morons Guide to an Awesome Band Rehearsal Part 3 of 4

Listen up folks!

Last time was the beginning section of the rehearsal part. Here is the real meat of the rehearsal stage, the details of what your band should be doing during practice.

Studies show that in order to develop a habit it takes roughly 21 days of consistent practice. Applying all the following principles consistently will create great habits for your team. Here is the third part of the morons guide to an awesome band rehearsal.

28 morons guide pt3

There was a lot going on in this part of the lesson.  Re-read it again and see how you can apply any of these tips to your band. Keep in mind these are basic commonsense guidelines that must be applied. Try not stray away from the path of musical righteousness and commit a musical sin or your band will be sent to musical hell.

You know what I mean?

That’s it for now keep an eye out for the last part and thank you for giving me the chance to teach you.


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