Morons Guide to an Awesome Band Rehearsal Part 2 of 4

Thanks for sticking around in this series of the morons guide to a awesome band rehearsal. If you missed part 1 click here. First of all I’m not calling you a moron, this is just a guide so easy to follow even a moron can follow it.

Well, I jumped out of bed the other day thinking of what I was going to write for this next part of this series. Thinking hard in this awesome Salifornia weather in January (It must suck for the east coasters. HAHA! ) I ended up coming up with so many ideas that I was overwhelmed. I figure I have to extend this to a four part series.

27 morons guide pt2

Making sure everyone is accounted for is tough. Everyone has a different personal situation in their daily lives. They have to work late, pick up the kids, traffic, etc. That is why communicating is important in your team.

Commitment and dedication is also a key factor in our walk for an awesome band rehearsal.

Thanks for reading


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  • Ama March 29, 2014, 6:01 am

    Well “Moron’s guide” is singular possessive because of the position of the apostrophe, so clearly it’s a reference to the author and not the readers. I notice also that there’s a few other places on your website where the apostrophe usage needs to be cleaned up! Two examples: (1) it could be argued that in the title of your book: “THE ONLY BEGINNERS GUITAR BOOK…” an apostrophe should be included either before the ‘S’ (singular possessive) or after the ‘S’ (plural possessive), which ever way you intended it to mean; (2)and over on your page for part 4 of your guide, “Ok, were here to learn…” ought to be “Ok, we’re here to learn…”. There’s likely to be more on other pages of your site. Cheers.

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