Moron’s Guide to an Awesome Band Rehearsal Part 1 of 4

I got a call from my buddy Greg awhile back.

He asked if I was available for this gig with this black gospel artist. Looking at the my schedule I was open…. so I took the gig.

Pulling into the church parking lot a few days later I arrived a bit early. As the time got closer for rehearsal I realized I was still the only car in the parking lot. To make a long story super short we started practice 45 minutes late. Red flag! Red flag!!

I had to leave after almost 4 hours of mindless time wasting. I was like,“Please God take me now.”  Too much detail went on that day but needless to say it was one of the worst rehearsal experiences I ever had.

I am a total team player and I am really easy to work with but I really had to tell them to get another guy. For real…..

I actually dropped a paying gig because it was really bad.

So with out further ado here is the:

Morons Guide to an Awesome Band Rehearsal.

Morons Guide pt1

Well stay tuned for part 2. If you’ve read the rehearsal trinity you’ll see that were focusing  on the “music time” aspect.

Thanks for reading folks and keep it real!


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