Matt Farley: The $23,000 musician that writes about poop.

Matt farley

I love songs about poop. Don’t you?

I know a guy by the name of Matt Farley that has written dozens on tunes about poop. Not only that he makes roughly $23,000 on song royalties from a catalog of 18,000 songs as of to date. Which you can all listen to on iTunes or Spotify.

Who has $18,000 songs? I don’t think even Tupac had that many and he wrote a lot.

While aspiring musicians are struggling daily to write that mega hit tune that’s gonna make them super rich and famous. Matt Farley is just churning out tunes on just about any thing especially dozens of happy birthday and poop songs.

Matt researches what keywords people are searching for online. Then he has notebook full of keywords and nouns and just spends days writing tunes in his studio basement in Danvers, Massachusetts.

He figured if he could make two dollars a year on each song he writes. So far he has written 18,000 songs which could equal close to $36,000 a year. But has only amassed $23,000 in passive income.

This guy understands passive income. $36,000 is not really amazing to live off of especially in the USA. Maybe he should move to Thailand where it’s reported the way of life is great and you could live like a king on only $1,200 per month. More on that later.

Matt writes about 100 songs per album, records them on his Tascam recorder, burns them to CD and ships it to CDbaby for distribution. I know if he reaches out to major distributors he can reach an even more massive audience, but we’ll see what he does in the future.

Poop, birthdays, shoes, cars, proms can be pretty good topics for songs, but I know what you’re thinking.

Are the tunes any good?

The tunes are mediocre at best and many are hilarious which is why I listen to them. He’s musicianship is average at best but I’m sure he’s content with his skills.

Talk a good listen here on Spotify.


  1. Learn the difference between passive and earned income.
  2. Work smarter, not harder.
  3. Even being an average musician can create passive income.
  4. Uses Cd baby for distribution.

Take a good whiff folks and learn to model this example, sort of. The major lesson is to not wait for your material to be the best so you can share it or sell it to others. In time it will evolve into a masterpiece. Get it out there fast!

Thanks for reading this post and please share it others.

Peace friend.

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