Love Trinity for Worship Teams

Last post we talked about the LOVE word and how it’s a crucial component in your worship team. I have also talked about before the Connection Trinity, and the Growth Trinity and how these fundamentals will skyrocket growth in your worship team. Just like the Gospel Trinity which is: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the “Love Trinity” contains it’s three parts. These elements when applied to your team can be a huge catalyst to bring your team together. Here is the “Love Trinity”.

That’s it very simple yet powerful. Since we are all musicians we have to love music right?. To be even more specific it’s not just listening to it or even performing it,  it is also learning as much as you can so you can grow as leader, which in affect will influence your team to grow themselves.

John Maxwell ex-pastor from Skyline Church talks about “The Law of the Lid”. As a leader your worship teams growth goes as far as you do. In other words if you stop learning and growing. Then your team will stop learning and growing it’s as simple as that.

Now it’s time to show your team some LOVE and if there are any ideas on how can LOVE on your team don’t be shy and share them below in the comments section. Don’t forget to add your email below if you haven’t already so I can send some more info.

Ok, LOVE you guys more to come.


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