Guitar Lesson Bucket 101

guitar lesson bucket 101

Still trying to figure out how to begin with guitar?

Look no further my bodacious friend. I have the resources to get you started.

I have compiled my best guitar tutorials and placed them in order. Just start with the first one and then the next. You may not be a pro by the end but it will get you motivated and ready to step into the next level.

I believe it’s important to always have a plan. These days not many musicians set clearly written goals and if they do they forget to create an extensive plan that will help them reach it.

They’re are basically three formal steps to success.

  1. Set clear written goals.
  2. Create a step by step written plan.
  3. Take action.

This may seem dumbed down but that’s pretty much it. Each step does take a lot of effort and sacrifice and once you get to step #3 “Action” that’s when the real work comes in.

In the action step you’ll encounter many roadblocks. Things like: fear, uncertainty, haters, laziness, apathy, life. You have got to really practice discipline and kick everyone in the balls if they get in your way.=)

Not caring about what people think of your progress can really help. Criticism and rejected can place huge walls in your progression. Trying to please everyone can also be a huge disaster in your guitar journey.

“Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing.” -Aristotle-

Just Do It.

Guitar Lesson Bucket 101

  1. Get started with the Rookie Guitar Guide.
  2. 10 Best Guitar Strumming Patterns for Beginners.
  3. 5 Killer Guitar Hammer On and Pull Off Techniques.
  4. 10 Steps to Cutting your guitar practice in half.
  5. Guitar Capo Secrets Part 1.
  6. Guitar Capo Secrets Part 2.
  7. Guitar Capo Secrets Part 3.
  8. Guitar Capo Secrets Part 4.
  9. Guitar Capo Secrets Part 5.

There you have it.

Please let me know what you think and please give any suggestions, my mind is always open for improvement.

Peace friend.

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