Guitar Capo Secrets Part 5

Who’s Tim Hughes?

Those were my thoughts at the Rock Harbor church worship leader conference in Orange County a few years back.

As Tim Hughes was talking about a particular song he wrote I sat down on my seat wondering who he was. One tune in particular, he was mentioning it was a song that mentioned touched thousands of people and become a standard in many church’s today.

I thought to myself, “what song is this?”

After his talk he started worship with the song in question. He sang, “Light of the world, you stepped down into darkness.”

“Oh yeah!!” I thought to myself. “Tim Hughes wrote that?”


What an awesome worship conference by the way. I learned so much and it was a huge impact on my growth as a music director.

For the next set of tunes with the capo we’ll start off with “Here I am to worship”.

Finally the last installment of guitar capo secrets.

guitar capo tutorial 10 guitar capo tutorial 11 guitar capo tutorial 12

Click here and download the capo key finder.


That’s it’s for this tutorial I hope you enjoyed it as much as had a blast writing it for you.

Here are the rest of the series I case you missed it. Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

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Thanks again peace


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