Guitar Capo Secrets Part 4

Confusion overcame me..

Stuck in my room trying to figure out this 4 second sax riff.

Back then we didn’t have apps like transcribe or the amazing slow downer app. What I had to do was rewind the tape a hundred times to capture those few second of an incredibly fast sax line.

Eventually, I got it down pat. Confusion was over.

What I learned was it doesn’t matter how many scales and chords you have to learn.

All that really matters is that you learn songs. As many songs as you can!

We call this transcribing. Usually it means to learn songs be hearing it many times and figuring out the chords and notes and then you write it down on paper.

What you’re doing is building your musical vocabulary. Music is a language. As babies we start to learn language by picking it up from our parents. It’s until we enter school is when we learn how to read and write.

You don’t really have to write the music down unless have memory like Kim Peek, but it really helps to analyze exactly what you transcribed and keep it as reference for future use.

Musicians who have not studied any music theory would say they never transcribed. But the really did, the difference is they didn’t write it down.

Learn, learn, learn as many songs as you can. It will help you build your musical vocabulary.

With that said here are a couple of tunes to get your started using the capo.

Guitar capo secrets part 4


guitar capo tutorial 7 guitar capo tutorial 8 guitar capo tutorial 9


Now, you have some tunes under your belt. It’s time to start practicing and implementing.

I’ll add a couple of more tunes in the next lesson.

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Work hard like always.


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