Guitar Capo Secrets Part 3

It was my first date with her….

I’ve liked this girl for awhile now. She was a nice girl, cute and pretty. Her friends were my friends friends.

If that makes any sense…

Every time I’d meet up with my buddies she always tagged along and kept throwing my those little hints.

But I was too dumb and scared to figure out what they were. Until one time we all went out to Fuddruckers.

While I was chewing on my awesome bacon avocado burger, everyone laughing and giggling at the table. She just blurted out in front of everyone.

Hey, Roland! When are we going out on a date??

Seriously, she called me out..

I froze! Awkward!!

Her girlfriend told her to relax. I told her whenever you want. I was too much of a wuss. She had more cajones then me.

She also wanted to learn guitar so I set up a lesson with her after our date. Our first date was at Pollo Loco.. Yup.. You heard me.

Pollo Loco!

The date went well and we went out a few more times. When I was teaching her guitar is when I discovered this little insights of the guitar capo. This was in my early stages of teaching.

I didn’t end up marrying her but we had a good time together. Hey, she was the one that asked me out. You don’t get that too often with women.

And through her is where I discovered and learned more about these guitar capo secrets.

Without further ado..

Guitar Capo secrets part 3


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Keep your pants on because there’s more to come. It’s just about to get spicier. The next one we will start to introduce songs into the mix.

If you happened to miss the last parts click here: part 1, part 2..

Please let me know if you’ve enjoyed this tutorial or not. You can criticize, it’s okay I can take it:) It’s the only way I can improve.


What are the issues are you having as a musician? Maybe I can help.

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