Guitar Capo Secrets Part 1

“Do we really have to play it in all 12 keys Mr. Roland??” Corey said.

“Yup..” I answered back.

“Ok, just as long as long as my brain doesn’t melt and come out of my ears.” Corey mumbled.

“Maybe just a little. But, don’t worry I got the brain melting first aid kid on my shelf just in case.” I teased. “After this ill show you the guitar Capo secrets.”

“Deal!” Corey shouted.

While Corey has to go over all the 12 keys on guitar by memory.

I’ll start you off with the guitar capo secrets. Enjoy.

Picture 85

Picture 86


That concludes the first part of the guitar capo secrets for lazy guitar players. Be on the lookout for the next part.

As always keep in mind though I call this lazy guide to capo guitar playing. The goal is to be able to play the beautiful open chords in any key not to use the capo is a crutch.

I am always looking for new ways to be more efficient in my playing. I urge you to always keep learning new things and explore new ideas. With that your mind will expand and grow like a beautiful flower.

Until next time.

Peace out


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