Greatest Worship Music Director of All Time

greastes music director of all timeWho is the greatest music director of all time?

The winner is….

Johann Sebastien Bach!

Bach rules all. He is not only consider probably the greatest composer that ever lived, but also the greatest worship music director that ever lived.

Bach, was born in 1685 in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany, into a family of amazing musicians. From 1723 until his death in 1750 he was at Leipzig, where he taught, conducted, sang, played, and composed.

This guy had 20 children, four of them became composers as well.

He wrote altogether about two hundred cantatas, including at least two for each Sunday and holy day in the Lutheran church year.

Bach was a nobody

Millions of people have heard of J. S. Bach. There are many Bach Societies, Bach Festivals, even entire orchestras dedicated to his work. Thousands of concerts and hundreds of CDs present his amazing music. Yet when he was alive, Bach was barely known as a composer.

J. S. Bach didn’t really dig stardom, fame, or fortune. Once, when an acquaintance gave him props on Bach’s organ skills. Bach replied, “There is nothing very wonderful about it; you have only to hit the right notes at the right moment and the instrument does the rest.”

Bach’s Desires

Bach said, “Music’s only purpose should be the glory of God and the recreation of the human spirit.” Music was given to glorify God in heaven. Not to feed the musician’s ego, or to be famous.

Even though he possessed a musical genius found only once in awhile, he chose to live a private life as a church musician. For a while, he worked as Kapellmeister of the court of Prince Leopold. But it kind of distracted him too much. He soon left to accept a position as cantor at a church in Leipzig.

Spreading the Gospel Through Music

Johann Sebastian Bach is bringing Christianity to Japan through the awesomeness of his music. There are reports of many Japanese, inspired by his cantatas, converting to Christianity.

Masaaki Suzuki, is the founder of a school for Bach’s music in Japan, says that, “Bach is teaching us the Christian concept of hope.” And Yoshikazu Tokuzen, of Japan’s National Christian Council, calls Bach nothing less than “a vehicle of the Holy Spirit.”


Bach dedicated his music and life to God, he was pretty much composing every week for Sunday church service, preparing the choir and also teaching.

I think we should reflect as musicians where we are spiritually and musically when it comes to the success of our band Bach’s life is indeed an example of who a true music director should be.

I have a playlist on Spotify specifically for Bach it keeps me motivating and every time I listen to it.

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