Get Your Music Reading Basics

Summer of 1987,

I was seven years old, walking down the halls of the music building at the local community college with my brother and dad. My dad signed up my brother and I to take a kids piano class. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just remember feeling unsure of what was gonna happen.

As we approached the classroom door, I heard piano playing then I got curious. We opened the door and turns out we were a bit late. The teachers name was, Miss Farley. She introduced herself and was very nice to us. I recall her being very short in stature, with round rim glasses, wearing a long grandma type dress with high hips. Kinda like granny from looney tunes.

The room was full of pianos, Miss Farley assigned the students there own piano. We each received a kids piano book. I proceeded to open up the book and took a gander. I was so confused at what I saw I thought I was reading some hieroglyphics on the page. I got kinda frustrated, keep in mind I was just seven years old and have only been reading for just a couple of years already.

Then the music started, Miss Farley began to play one of the tunes in the book. I was astounded, it sounded cool and suddenly I got really excited. How did she do that? What song was she playing? It was this little Indian tune towards the end of the book. I thought to myself, “That’s cool, I gotta learn that song.”

Those frustrating hieroglyphics suddenly turned into notes of promise for me. Even though that little indian song was just a simple kids tune, it got me motivated to learn those weird complicated looking notes on the page.

Guess what?

Now it’s your turn…. Let’s get started shall we?

These pages are from my current beginners guitar book. Just read through them and you’ll figure it out it’s not that tough.

Preview of “The Only Beginners Guitar Book You'll Ever Need page 7 Preview of “The Only Beginners Guitar Book You'll Ever Need page 8 Preview of “The Only Beginners Guitar Book You'll Ever Need page 9

That’s wasn’t so tough was it?

Just keep on studying and you’ll get it. Now you’ll get your music reading basics down pat.

Let’s travel back to the summer of 1987. By the time the whole summer was over and the piano class was almost finished I’ve learned my notes and also that rinky dinky Indian song that Miss Farley played at the beginning of the piano course.

Then I took my final piano test in front of the class and of course it was nerve racking for me but I did it and passed it. Woot woot!

The music bug bit me and my life was changed I’m a musician for life. Thanks Jesus.


By the way, the reason why I remember Miss Farley so well is because as we walked out of our last class and started walking towards our car. I remember saying, “I really liked that class and Miss Farley was so nice.” Then my brother said, ” Yeah, but you mean Miss FARTley right!!”

My dad turned around looked at us both and we just started cracking up with laughter. Haha!!

That’s just a little glimpse of my life and I hope value was giving to you. If you do find value in this free lesson please don’t hesitate and please share it by clicking on one of the share buttons below. Also don’t forget to add any comments in the section below.

I pray you move forward with tons of blessings.


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