Formula for Terrible Musicianship

To be terrible:Formula for terrible musicianship.

Back when I was in the junior high intermediate band there was this kid named Robert.

And man this kid sucked at clarinet. I don’t mean to be jerk but this kid squeaked and squawked every other quarter note. He seemed to be a very studious student, but just didn’t have the talent or skills for music.

One day I was walking back home from school and Robert was walking in the same direction so we walked together. We were chatting about video games and ninja turtles. Then I worked the conversation into music practice, I mentioned I practiced every day for at least half an hour.

He said that he hardly practices only when his mom lets him. He also thought that I never practiced and thought it was a talent that I was born with.

I told him, “I play well because I practice everyday.”

“Hmm…” Robert curiously sounded. “Don’t you gotta be born with it?”

“! You have to work at it just like all the greats did.” I responded.

“Wow! I learn something everyday.” Robert said…

The most talented musicians work harder and want it harder than anyone else. Talent is never enough.

So I devised a step by step plan from how to be a terrible musician to how to become a master. Now I’m not calling myself a master. Mastery means you have reached a high level, but there is always another level.

Here’s the list…

To be terrible:

  1. Learn some
  2. Practice none

To be okay:

  1. Learn some
  2. Practice some
  3. Get involved in some

To be average:

  1. Learn some
  2. Practice some
  3. Perform some
  4. Get involved in some

To be good:

  1. Learn a lot
  2. Practice a lot
  3. Perform a lot
  4. Get involved a lot

To be Great Master:

  1. Learn forever
  2. Practice forever
  3. Perform forever
  4. Teach forever
  5. Review forever
  6. Evolve forever
  7. Get involved forever
  8. Live and desire this forever
  9. Repeat this forever

There may be something missing from the list…

But, I’ll let you tell me.

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Peace my friend…

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