Embrace Change Not Just Hugs!

The other day after church I came back home opened the door turned on the lights and nothing happened. Turns out there was a power outage throughout the whole neighbor affecting over 1600 residents.

I was like, NOOOOO!!!!!

I’m gonna miss my favorite show Breaking Bad:(.  The outage went on for 48 hrs. Which completely changed my daily routine that I was so accustomed to. I had to adapt quickly and make a CHANGE because if I hadn’t I would be miserable and not move forward with my life. Eventually the electricity went back on and went on with my life. Every worship team needs to move with the times or there gonna miss the train ride.



Well, maybe Paul was not a hugger in the beginning, maybe after his conversion. Embrace change not just hugs!

This is the key to growth. I don’t mean changing your spiritual beliefs, but a lot of times we take certain legalistic rules and make it a primary issue. This creates fear and control over people over issues that have nothing to do with  your salvation.

Anyways, I’m ranting over here. Please post a comment below and let me know what you think.

God bless everyone.


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