About Me: The Day They Stole My Bass.


Unlocking my car door I hoped in feeling bloated from that grand slam dinner I had with Jose at Denny’s. As Jose hoped in the passenger seat I was scrambled looking around for my iPod thinking it might have fell in between the seats. Then Jose said, “Hey bro, look back!”

I turned around.

A week before that I got a call to do some casino gigs with an artist named Francis Yip. What a great experience working with wonderful people especially Francis. Performing in front of thousands of people was a first for me, the nerves got to me, but I believe I handled it pretty well.

After the tour with Francis Yip That was my first dose of performing in front of massive crowds. I got hooked and my ego grew. 🙂

I connected with top music pros and that spawned new opportunities for me.

 The day they stole my bass.

Fast forward a week later I stumbled on a church gig with my friend Jose a great drummer. The church gig was Holy Ghost moving, toe tapping service and everybody was moving.

After the service the guys in the band decided to grab a late night snack at the ever fattening Denny’s restaurant.

I shouted, “Why do we always go to Denny’s, let’s grab some tacos at the taco truck.” No one listened and I lost the battle.

Jose rode with me in my truck, he stuffed his drum gear in my backseat including my bass and effects pedal.

We arrived at Denny’s at around 10pm with everyone else. We waited, ordered, laughed, annoyed each other and the waitress, filled our bellies with grease, paid the check and left.

When we jumped into my truck Jose told me to turn around, I glanced at the backseat where our gear was, it took me a few seconds to realize that our gear was gone.

Vanished into thin air.

We freaked and started thinking who did it. Jose remember a group of guys parked right next to us before we entered into Denny’s. But how did they get in the truck? No windows were broken into.

Jose opened the back door and realized it was unlocked. Doh!!

I’m not blaming him, it’s my fault as well I didn’t bother to check if the truck was locked and secure. My bad.

We called the cops waited for two hours for them to arrive, filed a report and never saw our gear ever again. We ended up getting new gear eventually. Several months later I purchased a slamming new 5 string fender jazz bass and Jose got this amazing new drum set.

This was in 2007 and as of today we still haven’t heard of or seen any of our gear.

The End.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you’ve encountered any similar situations.


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