Communication Exaggeration Part 2

Let’s see what Md has in store us today. Last blog there was some communication exaggeration issue between the band during the set. Md stepped right in and mentioned that he has a simple solution. Read on and see what he has in store.


Here are the links to the products that were recommended depending on your budget.
Low budget $

  1. Sm57
  2. Headphone amp
  3. Don’t forget the cables
  4. Headphones

Mid budget $$

  1. Behringer power play 16 p16M
  2. Sm57
  3. Headphones
  4. Cables

Big budget $$$

  1. Aviom system
  2.  Sm57
  3. Headphones
  4. Cables

There you go folks, these systems work wonders if done correctly. They’re not for every band. It depends on what they are used to. If the music director or team knows how to embrace change there teams communication and growth will fly through the roof.

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