16: The Answer to Why You Keep Getting That 50 Dollar Gig.

A producer is trying to budget for the next big music video, but runs into a pickle between which actor he should choose.


When I began my so-called career as a musician, all I wanted to do was get as much experience as possible so I accepted as many gigs as possible and most for free. Building connections was crucial and I did pretty well creating relationships. The issue was that I created a great network of artists that didn’t have a budget, but that was my fault. I needed to create more relationships with more established acts that had budgets.

Slowly but surely I created better relationships with music directors and producers that could get me better paying gigs. But fair warning, if your intentions to network are purely for business purposes and not to create lasting relationships than you’re in the wrong racket.

99.99% of all my gigs were all word of mouth! I didn’t hand in a resume or filled out an application. The music industry is almost predominately a relationship driven business. If you have social anxiety you must take care of that issue if you wanna be in the music business. Your talents and skills alone won’t do much.

Michael Jackson off stage was known to be an introverted shy person but he loved people and kids. Be like Mike except for the kids part. Lol.

The answer to why you keep getting that $50 gig.

The ultimate reason why you keep getting that 50 dollar gig and not that $5,000 gig is Value.

The more people value you as a person and your abilities the more opportunity comes your way. Relationship over ability is always top priority. The best musicians on the planet usually only work with their close relationships and that’s not my opinion that’s a fact.

Quincy Jones said it best, “If the musician can’t get the music right, but he has a great attitude, than I’m willing to work with him until he gets it. But if he’s an amazing musician but acts like a diva than that’ll be the last time time he gets a call from me.”

We’ll put Quincy.

The more people like you, the more you’re valued.


The Lesson

  1. Increase your value by building better relationships with more connected artists.
  2. Count your costs before accepting a gig.
  3. Learn business.
  4. Sometimes you need to accept that unpaid gig to get ahead.
  5. Build a business mindset.

Feel free to leave any comments below and I hope I can learn from you as well.


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