12: Poor Sound Guy

MD shares his story of the ups and downs of the poor sound guy and includes some great tips to eliminate the critics.

This is what happened.

Years back I was front of house sound engineer at a local club. I loved it, but you always get picked on.

“It’s too loud!”, “I can’t hear the singers!”, blah, blah, blah.

Having a tough skin is crucial when your the “sound guy”. Learning from my experiences has led me to the point that you can’t please everyone and sometimes you also gotta learn to ignore others if necessary. I got some pointers to make sure your critiques are dumbed down as much as possible as long as your prepared. For all my sound engineering buddies.

Now if you follow these basic tips and make them your own.

Most likely your experiences will be a lot smoother. Keep an open mind, but keep your guard up as well. You’ll soon get over the sound engineer blues!

As always thanks and I’ll see ya next time


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