Musician trying to find a job

01: Job Hunting for Musicians

This is a small gag I created for a blog I wrote a few months ago. It’s called the “44 Music Careers to Choose from.”

These characters are Jumbo (the fat one) and Toe (the skinny one). Two alien musicians from outer space landing on Earth in the search for the ultimate gig. Turns out the 23rd century is just as bad for musicians than it was back in the 21st century. I guess being the president of the United States is no big deal in the 23rd century. Lol =)


There are plenty of jobs in the music industry, the problem is everyone wants to be a singer, musician, songwriter and producer. The music industry is really a small industry it just happens to reach and affect the entire planet, which is why it seems so big, but it really isn’t. Hollywood, Nashville and New York are the meccas of music and once you get your foot in the door, then everyone knows who you are.

Mean time while you reflect on that. Click here for “44 Music Careers to Choose from.”


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