58: Illegal Aliens – 018 “The Ride”


The Clefs need some wheels to move around so they meet up with “Doughboy” the neighborhood hoodrat to hook them up.

I figured I’d give the Clefs some wheels to get around in. As a kid my family and I drove in this beat up VW Beetle that always broke down. My aunt and cousins would always ride with us, two adults in the front and four kids in the back.

Today when I look in the back seat of a beetle, I’m still trying to figure how the heck did we all fit in the back. Luckily we weren’t a bunch of fatties. =)

I messed around with a new color palette, I think it came out quite nice and cartoony.

If you missed last weeks comic just click on this link, or if you wanna start from the top then click here. Either way…

Have fun.

R.D. Aragon

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