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57: Illegal Aliens – 017


In todays guitar lesson, Tia finally gets what Rita is talking about, until she throws in another language goof. After an hour later Tia’s arthritis kicks in.

This the end of the first guitar lesson, more will come. You learned a song, guitar tab, fretting and picking hand positions, names of the guitar parts, how to overcome foreign language barriers and how not to hold the guitar if you’re arthritic. =)

Plus, I have a FREE download of “Tamale Blues” PDF just click below and also a FREE audio sample. Check it out yo!


CliCk on the audio below to hear the tune in action. It’s a bit rough and a little zippy, but it gets the point across.

The tune is super simple and easy to perform even your arthritic granny can do it. =)

Always keep a steady pace and don’t forget to pick down and up, down and up. This is called alternate picking. If you have missed the entire lesson then click below so you can start from the top.

First Guitar Lesson

Have fun.

R.D. Aragon

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