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Rita’s Tia plays around with her guitar and she wants to wring her neck, as for Rita, she points out the four types of musicians in the world today. So listen up!

Actually there are five types of musicians in the world today. I call this the “Music Flow Pentagon”.

Here they are:

  1. Hobby Musician
  2. Amateur Musician
  3. Semi-Pro Musician
  4. Professional Musician
  5. Music Entrepreneur

The goal is to nurture musicians, no bums, who want to accomplish the fifth side of the pentagon. Which is “Music Entrepreneur”.

The one percent that have accomplished this level are:

  1. Paul McCartney
  2. Madonna
  3. Sting
  4. Jay-Z (For you hip-hoppers)
  5. Puff Daddy
  6. Bono (U2)

Can you hit the one percent? Of course you can, all you gotta do is adopt the entrepreneurial mindset like those mentioned above.

Oh, I almost forgot “Kenny G” for all you playa-haters. Yes, this guy’s sax is smooth as silk and can put you in a trance. Don’t worry I’ve learned to overcome his “saxual hypnosis”. I am not a slave. =)

I hope you’ve learn a bit here and it’s for your benefit that you keep educating yourself and not become like my bum neighbor who’s in a wheel chair. I know the guy’s faking it and trying to get disability.

Ya, don’t be like that guy.


R.D. Aragon

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