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54: Illegal Aliens – 014


Rita demonstrates how to hold and strum the guitar using her unique red lollipop guitar that her grandaddy gave her, or did he?

In the future there is a story as to who actually gave Rita the red lollipop guitar, but that’s for a another time. If you have any questions on the lesson please drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

My little brain is trying to make the learning process as simple as possible through comics. Teachers can make music complicated, but it doesn’t have to be if you start with the necessary basics.

Teaching for over 15 years has made me uncover that the current music education system is faulty and backwards. Every teacher at Yamaha Music Academy, where I taught at, always started with the Yamaha music method, which was okay.

Learning music should not begin with reading notes, it should start with learning a song. The purpose is to enjoy music and the learning process.

Music is right brain, but music teachers start with reading notes, which is left brain. That is why more than 70% of all beginners quit within the first year, because learning music theory in the beginning is boring and left brain.

Teaching should be: entertaining, energetic and enthusiastic. Hope I didn’t bore you

That’s my two cents and a pickle.

Feel free to leave your two cents and pickle in the comments section below.


R.D. Aragon

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