Illegal Aliens Book 1 Final Page 13

53: Illegal Aliens – 013


Tia hears a some music coming from Rita’s room and is curious. She discovers Rita’s gift of music and wants to take a lesson from her niece, but Rita is kind of hesitant.

We have arrived to your very first guitar lesson taught by Rita Clef. Every time I talk to someone about my comic and I let them know you can also learn guitar at the same time, they’re always curious as to how that’s done. Why? Because it’s never been done.

Name me one comic or cartoon that teaches an actual musical instrument. You can’t, because it doesn’t exist. I have searched for years for comics and cartoons that teach music education. I have failed.

If it does exist, than please let me know.

Illegal Aliens is one of a kind comic. Yes I’m gloating. =)

You’re the first to ever experience this unique web cartoon and I hope it’s not the last.

I have a dream that comics and cartoons will be the dominant source of education for children. Education should be entertaining and fun period.

Time to get off my soap box.

Please let me know your thoughts on the comments section below.


R.D. Aragon

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