Illegal Aliens Book 1 Final Page 11

51: Illegal Aliens – 011


We have finally arrived at “El Federal’s” secret lair. Hidden deep in the mountains amongst the stars. Now, El Federali and his red kitty “Habenero” has a little quarrel to pick with one of his soldiers.

I played around with the colors a little to try to create a certain mood. I believe I accomplished it, or I’m color blind. You tell me what you think. I used a bunch of references to create an abandon type warehouse with satellite dishes, google rules.

If you’re wondering what type of voice El Federali has, I was thinking of a southern Texan type accent. Just say, “Ya’ll” or “yonder” and you’ll get the idea.

I’ve been to Texas once and discovered “Whataburger”, it was okay. It should’ve been called, “Gotsatonaburger”. No offense to Ya’ll Texans.

Yee Haw!

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