Illegal Aliens Book 1 Final Page 7

47: Illegal Aliens – 007


All I can say is the Clef Family finally escaped. Papa is gone and was taken away, and the family is left running for their lives and seeking refuge with their “Tia” (Auntie).

It doesn’t stop here, there’s more to come on “Illegal Aliens”.

That’s the end of the first scene.

I had a hard time trying to design a logo the name “Illegal Aliens”. I think it turned out pretty decent. If you have any suggestions or directions on to how improve on it. Drop me a comment below and I’ll see where it can go.

This was a short and sweet one and hope it was worth your time. If you missed any previous pages go and ahead and click the “previous post” link right below the comic.

Thanks again.

R.D. Aragon

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