Illegal Aliens Book 1 Final Page 6

46: Illegal Aliens – 006


This Federali guy is pretty brutal and it looks like he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Papa is gone and the rest of the family escaped and finally met up with their “Tia” (Auntie) on the other side. The questions is, “What now?”

Stay tuned next time for more “Illegal Alien” action.

I fell in love with coloring these comics, time consuming yes, but satisfying. I have many colorists that I look up to that give me inspiration. Greg Tochini from the comic “Saga” and Jean Beaulieu from the comic “I Hate Fairyland”.

The more I color and create the more I improve. Pretty common sense, but most people don’t apply basic repetition because it bores the hell out of them.

The key is visualizing the end results of your work, this in turn will motivate you to move forward.

Go ahead friend and give it a go with your music, if you’re a songwriter or just a performer, visualization works wonders.

You just gotta practice it daily.

Thanks for checking out this comic and please leave a comment or suggestion on how I can improve. It can only make me better.

R.D. Aragon

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