Illegal Aliens Book 1 Final Page 5

45: Illegal Aliens – 005


Yikes! It looks like the Border Feds are getting close. Ma grabs the kids and bolts. Now Papa faces his worst enemy yet, El Federali.

There’s always a time in your life where you face your worst enemy, my worst enemy as kid was taking a sax solo in front of hundreds of kids at the spring music concert at my high school.

Man I looked whiter than I do now. I was playing 1st tenor sax in my high school jazz band and the tune was “Respect”. If you know this tune well, than you know it has a killer sax solo.

At the end I chickened out, I was supposed to stand up, but didn’t. I played it well, but no one heard me because the background saxes drowned out my sax solo. I played it safe, which made me an even bigger wuss.

To think I didn’t even have any encouragement or motivation from my peers or music director. If I did I most likely would have done it.

In this comic you will learn that facing your fears is what makes you a stronger musician. Many times we don’t have anyone we can trust or confidence to help us. If that’s you, than please look for someone to talk to who can help motivate you.

Papa finally met “El Federali” the one dude that has been chasing Papa for years and has finally caught up to him. Stay tuned to see what happens.

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R.D. Aragon

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