10: The Six Types of Band Love

MD the music director demonstrates the things he does to show love for his band.

There are so many key components to a successful band and you can probably come up with a bunch of strategies with key points to follow. What I have learned in my many successes and failures is that there are very basic guidelines that every band needs to follow. Just like how can decorate your house in many styles and colors etc. BUT, every house that is built always has a brick wall underneath it and that wall is called a FOUNDATION.

Every band should have a foundation or guidelines that must be followed. That single greatest thing you can do as a leader is L-O-V-E your musicians. You might be thinking, “Well duh that makes sense!” It is unfortunate that most leaders don’t know how to LOVE their team.

Serving your band is a Key ingredient to showing LOVE to your team.

Knowing our priorities is what we need to think about if you lead a band. A band member wants a leader who cares enough to show action. This is something you need to think and consider about before you conduct your next meeting.

Ok thanks a lot fellas I truly appreciate you. Please if anybody has any other ways to show LOVE for your band (if you belong to one) please let me know right below in the comments section. Also sign up below if you haven’t already for my weekly comic.

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