05-P1: To Click or Not to Click Part 1

Happy New Year!

I hope you had an awesome and amazing 2015 loaded with new resolutions. It’s been a awhile since I’ve done a comic.

If you’re just a reader or student musician there has always been a debate on whether the band should be performing with the metronome or not. Well, I believe that it is crucial to bringing in professionalism. The metronome was invented 1814 by a super nerd named Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel. The purpose I believe for the metronome is to unify your group to keep them together.

Humans will never obtain timing perfection, but that’s okay. Music is not supposed to be perfect it’s supposed to be art.

Here MD is taking a hot and steamy shower and receives a random call from his drummer who starts whining about why the metronome is so annoying. Of course, MD wants to give him a mental backhand, but rather that, he decides to show his drummer the importance of the metronome.

Enjoy the read.


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