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"What?!?" Daniel shouted. "Your young, talented but you need to learn the ropes. Your maturity needs to grow bud." I said. "Your attitude need to change and you know what you did." "I'm gonna talk to pastor." Daniel shouted as he stormed out. Oh great! I thought to myself another diva. Every time this happens […] Read More

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I turned my head to the left and gave Peter a stern look when he mentioned that. "Well, the guys not Herbie Hancock but he's pretty good, besides he's an awesome guy to work with. I'd work with him anytime." I mentioned. "Maybe, I would." Peter retorted. "Whatever man!" I blurted. After the church service […] Read More

DIY worship leader

My mind was on the verge of popping like a white head zit! Ewwww gross...!! Sorry, I'll stop with the graphic analogies. My tasks ahead were: Setting up this Sundays worship set list. Typing up lyrics for new songs. Ordering a new projector light bulb. Taking the piano to get it repaired. Taking the old […] Read More

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Always running out of thyme? Sorry, I meant Time. Speeding down Fernwood Ave road at 60mph! Heading towards the church for rehearsal. Since I was music director you have to set the example of being early. I drove up to the gate of the parking lot at 6:30pm barely made it. I opened up the gate […] Read More

Winter of 1999 After 6 months of being a music director for the "Church of Jesus Christ" (not the Latter Day Saints) church choir, my vocal director who was the one in charge of the choir decided to change congregations due to personal reasons of course. Who was going to take over? Everybody immediately wanted […] Read More

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"When are you guys starting?" Shouted somebody in the crowd. Usually before a gig I get anxious because I want to start making music immediately. Finally, Freddy P. got on the drums and started the groove. Then I grabbed my bass and joined in. After that each member jumped in one at a time and […] Read More


"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." Luke 23:34 There are 4 reasons why most church musicians are going to hell. note: everything in the article is just my opinion. 1. Church musicians don't study the word. Let's face it, musicians and singers don't really read or study the word […] Read More

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At a small church in Lynwood, Ca, I was music director for quite some time. That summer they were reconstructing the church alter. I helped redesign the stage and it came out pretty good, I was happy with it at least. One night at rehearsal I presented a new tune from hillsongs. My poor memory […] Read More

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That's the long heated debate. Just to let you know I don't get paid the cheddar at my home church Oasis. The main music director is on staff and gets paid of course. I do get paid to play at a small church every Sunday playing piano. Here's my take on it. There's nothing wrong […] Read More

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If there is one thing I could have done correctly in the beginning. That one thing would be to qualify the new band members and make sure to not let any crazies in. Over 10 years back I was chosen to become music director for my church. To make a long story short, I inherited […] Read More