Relational Skills

How Long Did it Take for the Top 25 Artists of all Time to Become Rich and Famous?

  I use to say that a lot as a kid. When you're just a kid you tend to copy everything you see. From watching Ninja Turtles on TV and copying their high fly kicks, to emulating how your parents or friends speak. I wanted to be Michelangelo. I remember sawing a piece of wood in […] Read More


Download the PDF to the left 17 STEPS TO GETTING THE GIG OR You can right click and save the long comic above. Recap of all 17 Keys to getting the gig. Leverage and flock to locations of the music industry. (L.A., New York, Nashville, World Wide Web.) Audition. Flock to local jam sessions and networking […] Read More

17 steps to get the gig p2

17 Keys to getting the Gig! Part 2. If you have missed the first part then click here. To be continued.... I hope these simple comics can illustrate the point on how and not to get the gig. These keys are basic tips that got me to perform with major artists like Ozomatli, Yolanda Adams […] Read More

17 steps to getting the gig part 1

  The number one skill to get the gig is to build relationship skills. This comic shows funny yet quite opposite keys of what you should be doing. But you get the point. There are 12 more keys to this lesson. I wrote a list of almost 30 steps to relationship building but I had […] Read More