Rehearsal Tips

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As I pace around my studio. Trying to come up with what to say in this last installment of the moron's guide to an awesome band rehearsal. I keep thinking about the show "Mythbusters". It's the episode where they are trying to disprove the myth of cell phones that cause gas fires at local gas […] Read More

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Listen up folks! Last time was the beginning section of the rehearsal part. Here is the real meat of the rehearsal stage, the details of what your band should be doing during practice. Studies show that in order to develop a habit it takes roughly 21 days of consistent practice. Applying all the following principles […] Read More

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Thanks for sticking around in this series of the morons guide to a awesome band rehearsal. If you missed part 1 click here. First of all I'm not calling you a moron, this is just a guide so easy to follow even a moron can follow it. Well, I jumped out of bed the other […] Read More

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I got a call from my buddy Greg awhile back. He asked if I was available for this gig with this black gospel artist. Looking at the my schedule I was open.... so I took the gig. Pulling into the church parking lot a few days later I arrived a bit early. As the time […] Read More

Rehearsal Trinity

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After thinking and meditating long and hard, it dawned on me how simple it was. I call this formula the "Rehearsal Trinity"! Three components that if one is without the other it will literally make your team fall apart: Here are the components.     Yes, I know, too easy right? Here they are again: […] Read More