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best practice technique nobody uses

"No, no please don't!!" Betty shouted. "It's the only way to overcome that fear.." I responded. "Out in the waiting room there are some parents and students just sitting there waiting. Let's go and entertain them with your awesome talent." I blurted. "Please no, pretty please don't." Betty stressful said. "Oh geez, you gotta work […] Read More

cuttin your guitar practice routine in half

I asked 12 year old Armando,  "So, what is your goal as a guitar player?" He said, "I wanna be the best guitar player that ever lived!" Then I said, "Really? Well then, all you have to do is create a fool proof guitar practice routine and find a witch and pay her to put […] Read More

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I got questioned a lot from students and parents in my class. "How long will it take for me or my kid to be awesome?" All I can say it depends on the desires and how much time the student is spending time on their instrument. I also give my "5  steps to Mastery" and […] Read More