Musician qualities

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In a previous post I wrote this monster list of the "63 Attributes of a thinking musician". You can check it out here. The point of that post was so you can learn what it takes to become a true thinking musician. But that list is a monster to memorize so I had to condense […] Read More

Attributes of a thinking musician

The way we think, behave, feel, act, talk, believe and value will affect the way we approach our music career. At this age and time that I write this, musicians need a new way of thinking. 100 years from now musicians should be able to apply for jobs at a music company just like applying […] Read More

The 8 Cycles of Music

8 ciycles of music

  "I don't appreciate you guys playing that disco jungle music here at church! I can teach you guys some things about music. I've been doing this for about 35 years." The old beer bellied bass player said. My buddies looked at the dude with conceit. My 23 year old inexperienced mind said, "If you've […] Read More

To be terrible:

Formula for terrible musicianship. Back when I was in the junior high intermediate band there was this kid named Robert. And man this kid sucked at clarinet. I don't mean to be jerk but this kid squeaked and squawked every other quarter note. He seemed to be a very studious student, but just didn't have […] Read More

Nah! If we do Ill keep getting the munchies during rehearsals. Haha! Jim giggled. "That's the eighth drummer we've audition and ever single one had their ups and downs. Man, it's hard finding the right guy.."  I sighed. It's always hard to find good help especially in a band situation. You get all kinds of […] Read More

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Purpose is something the every human being on this planet is searching for.  Many times we give up and continue going through our daily lives working our 9 to 5, Monday through Friday and taking weekends off and then we go back through our mundane cycle all over again. Blah! No thanks, not for me. […] Read More

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Thanks for sticking around in this series of the morons guide to a awesome band rehearsal. If you missed part 1 click here. First of all I'm not calling you a moron, this is just a guide so easy to follow even a moron can follow it. Well, I jumped out of bed the other […] Read More