Music Theory

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As the water droplets were hitting my head in the shower I always seem to come up with great ideas in the shower. But this nothing happened! It was an odd time in the shower because this is where I come up with all my different blog topics and ideas. Arghh!! No Bueno!   Few […] Read More

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Maybe just a couple more parts left. I was writing, sketching, inking, adding a dash of color and then lettering the other day and realized that writing a blog is only one process but an illustrated blog like mine is several processes. Here are the differences with just writing a blog here are the steps: […] Read More

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I never thought I would reach this many parts for a single post. I'm enjoying it by the way. it's so much fun to teach this subject. I always get questions from my own personal students about transposing music. This is a post that that will be extremely for future reference. Now! The sixth part […] Read More

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I'm having a blast writing and drawing this extremely important tutorial to the secrets to playing in any key part 5. I pray that this info is very useful in your music career. This is part 5. Great, once again the end of another section, bit by bit and little by little this will soon […] Read More

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Don't let laziness get to you. Transposing will separate the men from the boys, the dogs from your cats, the smelly socks from your feet, well you get the idea. This is the Secrets to Playing in Any Key Part 4. If you have missed the other parts here they are: Part 1, part 2, […] Read More

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This is the secrets to playing in any key part 3. If you missed the other parts just click here for part 1 and here for part 2. I realize this will be a multi part series. So stay tuned for the rest. That's it for now and be on the lookout for part 4 […] Read More

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I should have posted this last Friday, May 16, 2014 but the day before I ate some peanut butter and I love me some peanut butter. Well, I should have know to check the expiration date. That junk tore up my belly for two days plus a massive headache. I couldn't concentrate on my work, […] Read More

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  As musicians we have to be constantly training and increasing our skill set. I wrote a guide for one of my students years ago because he wanted to know how to transpose on his instrument. I refreshed it with images and more updated content so please enjoy. This will be a series, so stay […] Read More


I always keep my phone on vibrate, I'm really not into the typical iPhone ring. My student Crystal was calling letting me know she was outside my studio waiting. I went to go get her and brought her in to start her bass lesson. She was an adult student just a few years younger than […] Read More

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Learning scales for me didn't really happen until I entered high school. My music teacher in school did not teach me the importance of scales and patterns to create music . All I did was read sheet music, I had no true understanding of music theory and scales. So, why scales and what's the importance? […] Read More