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No they're not a new cheezy pop group. There're the most widely used scales. "Penta" means five and "Tonic" means note. Thus a five note scale, the most commonly used of all pentatonics scales are the major and minor pentatonics. note: If this is your first time reading this lesson, then I would suggest to […] Read More


Thinking Music Theory 101: Minor Scales There are many minor scales to choose from, but today we're going to stick the Natural Minor. When a major scale is played is tends to sound "happy" or "uplifting" but when a minor scale is played it tends to sound "sad" or "depressing" depending on the rhythm that […] Read More


Thinking Music Theory 101: Time Signatures and ties What happens if you're late work? Your douche boss probably writes you up and if you keep it up you'll probably get canned. I would fire you if you keep arriving late to work, it makes sense. If you keep arriving late, production slows down for my […] Read More


Thinking Music Theory 101: Triads Now where getting somewhere. note: If this is your first time reading this lesson, then I would suggest to start with the very first lesson. Things could get confusing, you need to start here first to¬†understand this lesson. Download the pdf worksheet right here. Triads A chord is produced by […] Read More


Thinking Music Theory 101: Intervals I love to travel but I don't get to do it much. There is a bit or traveling in music, but not what you might think. This topic I didn't see much use in the real musical world but it was rather interesting. Also, if an annoying dude approaches you […] Read More


Thinking Music Theory 101: Note Values Thanks for tuning in to this eight part music theory extravaganza. If you happen to miss the last two parts click here and here. Okay let's get started. note: It is best to have previous basic music reading fundamental knowledge before moving forward. If this is your first time […] Read More


Thinking Music Theory 101: Accidentals and Flats Accidentals?? You're probably thinking... No, notes don't get into accidents, we'll touch on that soon. Flats?? You're also probably wondering. No, notes don't get flat like your tires do. You know, come to think about it. Notes do actually get flat. Let's talk about that. Last time we […] Read More


Thinking Music Theory 101: Major Scales and Sharps I have a love and hate relationship with music theory.'s mostly love. Because it opens up the big mystery of music that most people don't know. Many students of mine always ask questions like: Why does that chord work with that scale? How do you know […] Read More

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Every single time when I work on a tutorial I always assume it's going to take a certain amount of time. And as you know nothing ever goes as planned as you think. This one took too long. Pulling my hair a number of times because of software glitches I finally got them done. You […] Read More

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This is pretty much the last of the Secrets to playing in any key tutorial. I will add the chord progressions and the major scale chart for you very soon. Don't go nowhere!   This process is not a walk in the park it takes a high level of desire, dedication and discipline just like […] Read More