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FREE Financial Freedom Plan for Musicians, but not for Millie Vanilli.

In 2010 after a gig that didn't go well because they club owner couldn't pay the bands, I opened up my bank app on my phone to check my bank balance and realized it was almost zero and only $10 bucks in savings. I huge migraine began to emerge. What was I gonna do? This […] Read More

Yes Friend 40 Tips to Almost Paying Zero Taxes for Musicians.

  I apologize, but that's a bunch of cat doodoo! Why would you want to pay into a system (American government) that literally jacks money from your pay check before you even see a single penny? Did you know that was implemented in the year 1943 called the Current Tax Payment Act. The government figured out […] Read More

How Independent artists can make a killing at shows

"Tim, how much cash did we make on merch?" I asked. "Oh about $450." Tim responded. "Awesome, so how do we split it between the band? I blurted. "Uh, not today dude, we gotta save for mixing and mastering the album." Tim said. Just on a side note, the album in question as of today […] Read More

31 must read books for struggling musicians1

Stop! Before you read any further click on this video please... Well put Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur that has trained many in different industries. Listen to this guy he's done it all Reading is not the only way to educated yourself. You can take courses, seminars, webinars, audio books, or the […] Read More


"Here check this out!" Urged Joe. I plopped on the headphones and pressed play on the Walkman. My 15 year old ears couldn't understand the amazing sounds they were hearing. This bass funk solo was just pulsing through my ears and I was hooked. "Who the heck was that?" I said. "I dunno but he's […] Read More

The answer to why you keep getting that $50 gig.

Rachel: "Hi, Roland my name is Rachel and I'm a pop singer and I'm looking for a bass player for an upcoming gig at the House of Blues in Hollywood. You were highly recommended by your friend Jeremy. Are you interested? Roland: "Hi, nice to meet you Rachel. Sounds like fun, House of Blues is […] Read More

How to be better at managing your gig Money than MC Hammer.

Pay yourself first! Those were the words that stuck out to me from some financial guru, I didn't get it. Rushing to church one sunny Sunday afternoon, I was the music director and I was late. I know, I know, typical right? Don't worry if you're not a churchy person this is not a churchy […] Read More

Learn from one of the wealthiest musicians on the freaking planet!!

In our economy they're two types of people. You are either an: Employee or Employer Buyer or Seller Worker or Boss Consumer or Producer Copier or Creator Member or Leader Musician or Music Director Performer or Composer Customer or Investor Spender or Saver At the end of the day our happiness can be fulfilled whether we're […] Read More

Broke Musician Tips

It's Friday, payday, playday. Finally I can buy that dope Boss Limited Enhancer and effects pedal for my bass. Guitar Center here we come baby. I struck a sweet deal with the sales rep and he gave me 10% off. Not bad eh? Over the weekend I spent hours experimenting with the zillion of effects […] Read More

102 musicians that were college dropouts

They were a group of college educators that, in 1892 established the American High School education system. Their standardization would separate the college bound and working class students from the start. In other words this group created the grades K-12. Their curriculum established how we think today as a society of automatons, brainwashed with the […] Read More