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Yes Friend 40 Tips to Almost Paying Zero Taxes for Musicians.

  I apologize, but that's a bunch of cat doodoo! Why would you want to pay into a system (American government) that literally jacks money from your pay check before you even see a single penny? Did you know that was implemented in the year 1943 called the Current Tax Payment Act. The government figured out […] Read More

Musician trying to find a job

"Hey, what's wrong Jumbo stop being a baby?" Toe said. "Shut up man, I'm just being expressive dude. Leave me alone." Jumbo replied. "If you don't tell me what's going on I'm not gonna treat you to the "Burrito mansion" up on Pico Ave. Spill it bro!" Toe said. "I want that burrito monster supreme. […] Read More

How Independent artists can make a killing at shows

"Tim, how much cash did we make on merch?" I asked. "Oh about $450." Tim responded. "Awesome, so how do we split it between the band? I blurted. "Uh, not today dude, we gotta save for mixing and mastering the album." Tim said. Just on a side note, the album in question as of today […] Read More

31 must read books for struggling musicians1

Stop! Before you read any further click on this video please... Well put Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur that has trained many in different industries. Listen to this guy he's done it all Reading is not the only way to educated yourself. You can take courses, seminars, webinars, audio books, or the […] Read More

The answer to why you keep getting that $50 gig.

Rachel: "Hi, Roland my name is Rachel and I'm a pop singer and I'm looking for a bass player for an upcoming gig at the House of Blues in Hollywood. You were highly recommended by your friend Jeremy. Are you interested? Roland: "Hi, nice to meet you Rachel. Sounds like fun, House of Blues is […] Read More