Love Your Team

What’s the LCG Foundation?

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All of this brainstorming and ideas about worship team training has really lead me to this main subject.  A subject that I call the LCG foundation. The LCG who? No it's not a phone service provider charity for the poor. They are irrefutable laws for your worship team that cannot be broken. A foundation is […] Read More

Love Trinity for Worship Teams

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Last post we talked about the LOVE word and how it's a crucial component in your worship team. I have also talked about before the Connection Trinity, and the Growth Trinity and how these fundamentals will skyrocket growth in your worship team. Just like the Gospel Trinity which is: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the "Love […] Read More

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There are so many key components to a successful band and you can probably come up with a bunch of strategies with key points to follow. What I have learned in my many successes and failures is that there are very basic guidelines that every band needs to follow. Just like how can decorate your house […] Read More