5 Levels of Leadership and why most music directors won't ever reach it

  Playing bass in the Sunday church band years back a new keyboardist came up to me and started directing me how to play a certain part. Who is this guy?? I've never seen this guy ever before in my life, he was a pretty good musician, but he just popped up one Sunday morning […] Read More

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If this is your first time reading this than you're probably pretty confused with the plot. If that's the case than click here to catch up. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 I would like to recap the: 10 Critical factors for an amazing crew. Respect. Empower your crew. Always learn and discover […] Read More

[…] Read More

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    Missed part 1? Click here. I added a little shading in this one. Did you see it? Huh? Did ya? The juicy stuff is coming in the next part of 10 critical factors for an amazing crew. I usually create about two pages of comics. So next time I will post the comics […] Read More

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In my child hood I was a never a fan of Star Trek, I was only interested in Ninja Turtles and Star Wars. Until the 2009 release of the new Star Trek film by J.J. Abrams. That movie was action packed and pretty darn cool. I Suddenly became interested in Star Trek and started watching […] Read More

Kick those non believers out!

2005 was an ever changing year for me. I got a date with a real hottie. I performed for the first time on syndicated television. I finally moved out of my dingy apartment. And I joined a new band. We'll call the band "La Tortilla" which means "The Tortilla." :) The music itself was great […] Read More

worship team blues return as music director

"What?!?" Daniel shouted. "Your young, talented but you need to learn the ropes. Your maturity needs to grow bud." I said. "Your attitude need to change and you know what you did." "I'm gonna talk to pastor." Daniel shouted as he stormed out. Oh great! I thought to myself another diva. Every time this happens […] Read More

Winter of 1999 After 6 months of being a music director for the "Church of Jesus Christ" (not the Latter Day Saints) church choir, my vocal director who was the one in charge of the choir decided to change congregations due to personal reasons of course. Who was going to take over? Everybody immediately wanted […] Read More

greastes music director of all time

The winner is.... Bach rules all. He is not only consider probably the greatest composer that ever lived, but also the greatest worship music director that ever lived. Bach, was born in 1685 in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany, into a family of amazing musicians. From 1723 until his death in 1750 he was at Leipzig, where he […] Read More