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102 musicians that were college dropouts

They were a group of college educators that, in 1892 established the American High School education system. Their standardization would separate the college bound and working class students from the start. In other words this group created the grades K-12. Their curriculum established how we think today as a society of automatons, brainwashed with the […] Read More

9 Alternatives to Music College

9 alternatives to music college

Did you know..... Student loan debt has surpassed 1 trillion dollars? More than mortgage debt, consumer credit card debt, car debt, etc.. The worst part of it is you can't get out of it. You can't file bankruptcy you're stuck with it the rest of your life. Unless you receive debt forgiveness. When does that […] Read More

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That's the long heated debate. Just to let you know I don't get paid the cheddar at my home church Oasis. The main music director is on staff and gets paid of course. I do get paid to play at a small church every Sunday playing piano. Here's my take on it. There's nothing wrong […] Read More